Sustainable Harvest International is committed to using every penny possible to support our programs and reach the many families on our waiting list. You can feel confident that your donation has a tremendous impact on farming families in Central America and our planet.

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Your best gift to fight poverty and deforestation in Central America.

<i>"SHI taught me how to market my vegetables. I made well over $360 in just five hours.</u>" - Petrona Quib (pictured left)</i><br><br> Sustainable Harvest International is a wise choice for your gift today. <br><br> Petrona, with SHI's help, stopped burning tropical forest for her farm land and began providing nutritious meals for her family. <br><br> SHI donors helped Petrona reverse the cycle of poverty in her family. You see, she now grows more food than her family could possibly eat (a major shift from the subsistence-farming mindset). <br><br> This surplus is what she takes to market and provides even more income for her family. Soon, Petrona will graduate from SHI's program and will have learned enough to work on her own. <b>Our goal is sustainability for every family who works with us. </b>Your donation makes such a difference in how many families we can reach. <br><br> What your gift will do:<br> • $50 starts a family garden<br> • $100 supports a beekeeper <br> • $500 funds an irrigation project <br><br> Your gift to SHI restores our planet's tropical forest while helping others overcome poverty. Thank you! <br><br> <b>Please make your most generous gift today.</b> <p><br><br><a href="" target="blank"><img src="" align="center"></a></p>

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“I used to do slash-and-burn farming. I didn’t care about the environment or the importance of planting trees. I planted only corn, rice and beans for my family to eat. <b>SHI has totally changed the way I live and how I think of the environment. </b>These changes were possible through training which I continue to receive from our field trainer. Having a backyard garden improves our health and ensures a balanced diet. Now my family enjoys healthy and nutritious meals.” <p><p> ~ Petrona Quib (pictured above)

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