Sustainable Harvest International is committed to using every penny possible to support our programs and reach the many families on our waiting list. You can feel confident that your donation has a tremendous impact on farming families in Central America and our planet.

Plant a Chocolate Forest 

Gift of Hope Donation

<b>Why show your love with a single box of chocolates when you can plant a chocolate forest in your Valentine's name?</b><br><br> With this Gift of Hope donation, give a family seeds, nursery materials and training to grow a cacao forest. Cacao (used to make chocolate) is a valuable cash-crop that can be grown with other crops, such as ginger & bananas, in multi-story plots that mimic a natural forest. Cacao forests create wildlife habitat & mitigate global warming, and the sale of cacao generates additional income. <br><br> <b>This Valentine's Day, give a sweet gift with a deeper meaning. Give a Gift of Hope!</b> SHI will send a beautifully designed Gift of Hope card to your Valentine, so don't wait! <b>Order by February 10th so your card will arrive on time. </b> <br><br> <b><u>***Click "ADD TO CART" below to order.***</u></b><br><br>

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<b>During a recent visit to a participant farm in Dolores, Belize, SHI farmer Santa Putul told us, </b> <br><br> "I learned that trees have many uses, including economic benefits for my children. When SHI asked me what tree species I wanted to plant, I made up my mind to start with cacao. I have planted a total of 700 cacao trees and I have harvested 600 pounds of cacao this year. I recently transplanted 250 more seedlings and have bigger plans to plant more. <br><br> "I use the income to buy clothing, basic school supplies and things my family needs. SHI taught me how to establish a cacao nursery, manage the organic cacao farm, and market my cacao beans." <p><br><br><a href="" target="blank"><img src="" align="center"></a></p>
<b>HOW DOES MY GIFT HELP PEOPLE & THE PLANET?</b> Each Gift of Hope highlights and supports the programs of SHI and is priced based on average costs for carrying out these programs. <br><br> Gifts made through this catalog represent support for all of SHI's work. To do the most good, SHI does not use its limited resources to track gift items from donation to distribution. Your donation will be combined with others to support SHI's mission. <br><br> Sustainable Harvest International works with hundreds of families, and we put your funding where it is needed the most. Thank you!

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